God, I Want Justice

A raped child wants justice from God in the language of poetry.

Abir Milon
1 min readAug 25, 2020
Photo by Caroline Hernandez on Unsplash

O God, did you see?
My tears
The body is in agony every second,
I cried a lot
The teeth of the beasts on my body.

O God, did you cry?
In my small vagina
When venomous snakes were biting,
Small vagina cut with a blade
The cowardly animal seeks happiness.

O God, what did you think?
I am only three years old
I don’t know what sex means,
They ate my breasts
My life was taken away by strangulation.

O God, will you judge?
I’m shocked
You did not punish the male beasts ,
Those who are doing rape every day
Hundreds of daughters like me.

O God, I swear by your holy being -
Either destroy the beasts
Or close all the mother’s vagina,
Then no male rapist will be born,
All the girls will be safe.



Abir Milon

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